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Bernie Sanders Discusses How Hillary Clinton Can Win His Supporters, Some Backers Not So Sure

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Bernie Sanders, the Socialist-turned-Democratic presidential candidate, returned to Iowa, this time to support his one-time rival, Hillary Clinton. He seemed to acknowledge it's a tough conversion for some of his die-hards.

"Look at the issues that impact you," Sanders told a crowd of about 250 at Drake University Wednesday morning, "Don't worry about Trump. Don't worry about Clinton. Worry about yourself. Worry about your families."

Sanders urged them to think about the issues, not the personalities of the candidates. "If you look at the candidates issue by issue, Secretary Clinton has a progressive agenda," Sanders said.

One man in a Sanders shirt, who didn't want to give his name, now considers Sanders a sell-out. He said, "I believe that he's being honest about his policies. He's not being honest that Hillary's actually going to do it. She's not going to do it. She's bought and paid for."