Iowa’s Fall Color Season Underway in the Loess Hills

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MOORHEAD, Iowa-The Fall Color season has started in the Loess Hills in Western Iowa. State Forester for the Loess Hills Forest is Brent Olson of the Iowa DNR.

Olson estimates the color is at about 15-20% Friday, but would be peaking around October 22nd through Halloween.

"We have 11,600 acres of the state forest all the properties have been bought from willing sellers,” said Olson. The majority of the species are Burr Oak then you got Hackberry, Basswood, Elm, Ash, and Walnut are the main common species around here.”

Loess Hills are made of loess soil is windblown soil. It is special here in Iowa as it is 200-300 feet deep. Only in China can this type of soil be found, there it’s around 1000 feet deep.

If you’d like to plan a trip to the Loess Hills, contact the Loess Hills Hospitality Association