Cubs Fans Sharing World Series Moment With Loved One Who Has Passed

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- For most Chicago Cubs fans, witnessing their team win a World Series title is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"You can't help but buy into it or just be a part of it," said Phil Johnson of Urbandale.

Growing up, Johnson says there wasn't much that could pull his mom, Georgia Johnson, away from a Cubs ballgame.

"Nope, there was no bugging her especially during innings but in between innings you might be able to ask her a question,” he said.

Johnson's mother always hoped she'd witness her beloved Cubs win a championship.

"Before the game started, 'Alright, come on Cubbies' and then she'd get her game face on. She had one just like as if she was at Wrigley Field in the stadium, right behind the plate," said Johnson.

In February of 2015, cancer took Georgia's opportunity to enjoy this historic run.

"My sisters took a blanket that she wore all through her time in the hospital and through hospice and had it made into small pillows for all the kids and grandchildren,” said Johnson.

As Cubs Nation rejoiced this past weekend with their first title shot in seven decades, Georgia's family found a way for their number one Cubs fan to share in the moment.

"They went out to the cemetery took the front page of the sports page along with some roses and laid those in front of the grave,” said Johnson. “I thought that was really neat."

They also made sure she would be ready in Cubs gear just in case.

"Mom was buried in the vault in a Cubs urn. It was probably one of the neatest things, as kids, we could have done, knowing how big of a Cubs fan she truly was,” Johnson said.

The stage is set for the family to cheer on the Cubs against Cleveland in Game One of the World Series.

"I'll be thinking about her sitting there in her Cubs blanket watching the television,” said Johnson.

A stage Johnson says his mother should have no problem finding a front row seat to.

"I can see her right now, probably her and dad together. As soon as the game starts she'll tell my dad to be quiet, I got a game to watch,” said Johnson.

If the Cubs defeat Cleveland for the World Series title, the Johnson’s say they will place even more Cubs memorabilia at Georgia and her husband Fran's gravesite.