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Voting Booth Selfies Remain Prohibited, State Officials Addressing Issue

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(Kevin Hall, Communications Director, Secretary of State’s Office).

DES MOINES, Iowa — On Election Day, you may want to play it safe and leave the phone at home.

Music superstar Justin Timberlake created a stir when he posted a selfie while voting in Tennessee. The state prohibits cameras and video inside of the voting booth.

Iowa also has a similar law which can even be considered a misdemeanor crime.

“The law is a little bit vague in Iowa in terms of ballot selfies,” said Kevin Hall, Communications Director, Secretary of State’s Office. “The law is pretty clear in terms of taking a picture inside the voting booth. Do not do that, please. The rest of it is a little bit vague. Asbsentee ballots, you can actually take a picture of absentee ballots. We aren`t encouraging that but again the law doesn`t say anything about pictures of absentee ballots.”

The Secretary of State’s Office is asking the legislature to clear up the law in the next session.

For those who do want to memorialize the occasion, some polling locations are trying out a new idea.

“Secretary Pate is asking people to try and avoid ballot selfies,” Hall said. “Some of our county auditors and we encourage this, in fact, to have ‘selfie spots’ set up where people can go and take a picture if they want to do that. Some counties are tinkering with that idea and it`s a pretty good idea.”

The safe bet will be to just avoid taking a picture of your ballot and don’t photograph someone else’s.