Workout of the Week: Basics Needed for Home Gym

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Personal trainer Angie Gallagher has a gorgeous studio and tons of equipment at her fingertips, but she says you don’t need all of this to get fit at home.

“It doesn’t take that much equipment to make an effective gym in your own home,” she explains. “In fact, very few pieces of equipment are needed.”

Here are some of the basics:

First, you need a mat. You can spend more than $50 on this piece, but then you’ll have less in your budget for other “toys."

Your second purchase should be a stability ball. One of these will run between $10-$50. Make sure you get the right one.

“It’s important to get the proper size,” says Angie. “So when you sit on the stability ball your knees and hips should make a 90-degree angle.”

Buy resistance bands next. The six-foot length is a good choice so you can do a lot of different moves and a set of three will run you about $20. Angie says bands are not a replacement for free weights.

“It targets the muscle in a little bit different way so I like to use bands and dumbbells for a home workout,” she explains.

Dumbbells cost around $2 a pound, though full sets are less expensive and used ones are a real bargain!

Finally, get some ankle bands. These look harmless but Angie turns them into instruments of torture that torch your lower body. They cost less than $20.

Your total cost for a home gym is less than $100

Angie says if you’re going to “splurge” on a piece of equipment – she’d go with an elliptical machine.