Friends, Family of 14-Year-Old in Critical Condition after Gunshot to Head Sending Prayers

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Emotions poured out during an impromptu gathering along Keo Way Thursday, where 14-year-old Roosevelt High School freshman Yore Jieng was shot on Monday.

His Uncle, Koang Kerjiok said, "There's no reason an innocent kid should be shot like that. The whole family is in shock right now."

His best friends remain in disbelief.

Bonke Gatoni said, "You'd never think it would be him because he never did anything wrong. He never had problems with anybody."

Violence is what Yore's family thought they had escaped over a decade ago.

"We left southern Sudan because of war. We've been fighting for 50 years," said Koang.

Suffering from a gunshot to the head, Yore is fighting for his life.

"He's in a coma right now, he doesn't talk," said Koang.

"It's heartbreaking because I couldn't believe it," said Bonke.

Disbelief turned into reality once family members saw Yore in the hospital.

"I cried back home when my mom died in Sudan, when I saw Yore, that's my second cry because I saw him, this innocent kid and they shot him in the head and I cannot handle that," said Koang.

Another gathering was held Thursday evening at Freedom for Youth in Des Moines, where Yore was heavily involved.

Albino Khalifa, Yore's friend said, "One of our best friends. He was like a brother to us." Irakoze Sebagabo said, "He was nice, he was always smiling."

Irakoze Sebagabo said, "He was nice, he was always smiling."

Despite being in critical condition Bonke says they will stay positive."We are not going to give up. We are going to be with him no matter what."

"We are not going to give up," Bonke said. "We are going to be with him no matter what."

Many others are hoping for answered prayers.

Koang said, "I'm just gonna pray. I'm  gonna ask God, please give us Yore."

Yore's uncle, Koang Kerjiok says family members are coming from Minnesota, Nebraska and as far away as Alaska to be with the family during this time.

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