Alleged Gunman in Police Killing’s Best Friend: ‘I still can’t believe it’

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Ronald Williams Jr. didn’t have words when he turned on the TV this morning to the mugshot of his friend, Scott Greene.

“My heart sunk, heart started racing a thousand miles an hour, just utter shock, I still can’t believe it,” said Williams.

That was Williams describing the moment he realized the man he has been friends with for 26 years was the same man police say shot and killed two of their own.

“I just talked to him on Monday and he seemed like normal Scott,” Williams said.

The two worked as mechanics together, but their bond grew even after Scott left that job in 2004.

“We were like brothers. His nickname for me was Palomino, my little pal,” said Williams. "We’d go out hunting, we’d go out fishing, we’d go out and hang out, we’d go out and get in a canoe and paddle around the lake, just always had a good time together, one of my closet friends. We share the same birthday, we celebrate our birthdays together."

Now Williams is faced with the stark reality that police say the man he knew is the man who pulled the trigger.

“I have friends that are cops, and I fear for them every day, and when something like this happens it just kills me. You think you’ve known someone for 26 years, you wouldn’t think somebody would ever do this. You don’t know what happens to people’s brains, you don’t know what happens in people’s hearts to make them change,” said Williams.

Williams searched for answers in the last three to four years after Greene's father died of cancer.

“He went into depression like anybody would do, to lose their dad early in life to cancer. He just wasn’t the same person after his dad died,” he said.

Williams says that so far, all he’s found are more questions.

“Why, why? Why ruin your life? Still got a daughter that lives at home. What’s she going to do now?” he said.

Williams said there was nothing in his call with the suspect on Monday that would indicate he was prepared to commit violent acts.

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