Cubs Fans With Heavy Hearts Gather at Principal Park to Cheer on Team in World Series

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- While the day began with a somber cloud overhead, Wednesday night some looked for a chance to escape from the sadness.

One way to do that was to head over to Principal Park and root for the Chicago Cubs.

Over 2,100 Cubs fans were in attendance, the largest attended open house they've had, but even Game 7 of the World Series took a backseat to the killings of two police officers in the metro Wednesday morning.

The crowd began with a moment of silence for both Officer Justin Martin and Sgt. Tony Beminio but Wednesday’s event was close to not happening at all.

“We have such a great relationship with the Des Moines Police Department that we just didn't feel right having all this excitement, this celebration on such a tragic day and we really struggled with whether to have this event,” said Kenny Houser of the Iowa Cubs organization.

Houser says the decision changed after speaking with local law enforcement who believed having the open house would allow people an escape from the tragedy of the day.

It did exactly that, and fans have had a chance to celebrate and cheer on the Cubs but despite being glued to the big screen here at Principal Park, the loss of two officers has not gone on without pause.

“I think I speak for a lot of Iowans and you don't think that this would ever happen in the state of Iowa,” said Houser. “Iowa-friendly is not a cliché, it's a friendly community and a friendly state and things like this shouldn't happen in Iowa. Of course it did and our thoughts and prayers go out to the officers and people impacted today.”

Principal Park has typically had two off-duty officers at the open houses but given Wednesday’s events they are not in attendance. Principal Park staffers are doubling as security tonight.