Des Moines Residents Fearful, Optimistic Over Healthcare Future Under Trump

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President Elect Trump made repealing the Affordable Care Act a cornerstone of his campaign.  Some Des Moines residents are incredibly worried about the future of healthcare, while others see it as an opportunity.

Claudia Roven looks to divine intervention during a period of uncertainty for healthcare.

“God help us all. I’m scared for all those people right on the edge of coverage and no coverage. People are going to have to start taking out their own tumors with a spoon” she said.

Roven is on Medicare, but worries even that could be on the chopping block.

“I would stay up all night, every night if I didn’t have healthcare, and nobody knows what could happen” Roven said.

Meanwhile, others have a bit more optimism, and say the ACA could be a good starting point.

“There are good things that have been accomplished. I would like to think that if we came together we could somehow just improve it. How do we pay for it, how do we make it more equal and not be too expensive one place and not another place?” said Mark Nitscheke.

For now though, the Affordable Care Act is the law, and for people who can’t afford healthcare, the Iowa Insurance Division is asking people to sign up for the ACA at

There are now 82 days left to enroll in the Affordable Care Act, and the Iowa Insurance Division says it’s too early to tell what could change during the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, those under Medicaid and remain eligible will continue to have Iowa Medicaid coverage.

If there are any changes to the Affordable Care Act, the Iowa Medicaid enterprise will get in touch with their clients.