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Trump Could Be Farmer Friendly

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With the election now behind us, agriculture groups are working with the Trump Administration as it transitions into power.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says President Elect Trump has, over the course of his campaign, said he will have a farmer friendly administration.

Dr. Bob Young, the chief economist for the Farm Bureau says Trump wants the new administrator of the EPA to be farmer friendly or even a farmer.

To the Farm Bureau, the EPA has been over reaching on regulations. That could change with presidential administrations.

Young says, "One of the first steps could be, could easily be that they would pull down Waters of the U.S. regulation basically hold that advance and let us get back to work and restart that process all over again in a much more open and common sense approach"

Young says another piece of legislation that could come up quickly is the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, which he says is important to rural Americans.

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