Free Pantry Pops Up Outside Ankeny Pediatrics Clinic

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ANKENY, Iowa –A small structure outside the UnityPoint Pediatrics Clinic in Ankeny went up about a month ago. Dr. Emily Eady said, "The idea came from the free little libraries, and I saw someone else doing the same concept online."

It’s called a Free Pantry. The idea is simple: take what you need and bring what you can. Dr. Eady saw the idea online and had her husband make it out of an old kitchen cabinet. So, it didn't cost much money to make, and it doesn't require any maintenance.  The giving and taking are completely anonymous.

"We haven't had any official keeping track of how much people are using, but I think it seems like I'm seeing new things all the time, and things are leaving the cabinet. So, I'm hoping lots of people are getting good use out of it," said Dr. Eady.

Dr. Eady said diapers and wipes seem to be the items in highest demand. She hopes if the free pantry is a success, more people will do this.