Iowa State Patrol Captures Dangerous Spin Out On Dash Camera

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DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa  --  The Iowa State Patrol is releasing a new video that shows exactly what NOT to do when you're pulled over.

The video was recorded recently on Interstate 80 in Dallas County.  As a trooper attempts to pull a vehicle over, the driver pulls over to the left.  As they are doing that they hit a patch of ice on the shoulder and spin out of control, nearly striking the trooper's car.

State Troopers say there are two obvious things the driver did wrong.  "The first thing they do is pull over to the left, absolute no-no we don`t want that to happen," Sgt. Nathan Ludwig says, "but what they are doing is pulling at a full speed on snow and ice."

Ludwig says the reason for not pulling over to the left is that when you try to re-enter the roadway after your traffic stop you'd be pulling into the fastest lane of traffic.

So far this year there have been 82 more fatalities on Iowa roads than at this point in 2015.