Iowa Farm Bureau Supportive of New EPA Administrator

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President-Elect Donald Trump chose Scott Pruitt , the attorney general for Oklahoma, to be the next EPA Administrator.
The Iowa Farm Bureau supports the decision, calling Pruitt a leading advocate against an activist EPA, specifically noting how he's against the Waters of the U.S. rule.
But Pruitt is also against the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a rule forcing blends of ethanol into the fuel system.
Iowa is a leader of ethanol, the nearly 43 plants in the state can produce up to 4 billion gallons of the fuel.
IFB President Craig Hill says the RFS was drafted legitimately by congress, so implementing it is not an EPA over reach.
Hill says, "We have the legislation, we just need to execute and implement the law and the EPA has a role in that with limited discretion. So we hope the new administrator adheres to the law and follows the rule of law."
Hill adds, in the confirmation hearing, pro-ethanol Senators like Iowa's Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst will have the opportunity to question Pruitt on his Renewable Fuel stances.