Dubuque Woman Gets Lifelong Wish Granted Before Losing Her Vision

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DUBUQUE, Iowa  --  Bailey Schaul's lifelong dream was to see the Dallas Cowboys in action, a wish that was finally granted.

Bailey was born with Wolfram syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes insulin dependent diabetes.

"About 60 percent of people with Wolfram syndrome will end up going completely blind," Bailey says, and doctors believe she will probably be part of that 60 percent.

Before she loses her eyesight, her dad wanted to do something special for his daughter. The CEO of his company found out about his idea, and offered to pay for them to go to a Cowboys game in Dallas. What better place for someone with poor eyesight could there be than the giant AT&T Stadium?

"I felt super lucky, I was shocked," says Bailey. "I walked in and everything was so huge, like for me with no vision, it was big enough for me to see."

Bailey and her dad had the chance to see pregame warm-ups up close and personal.

"I would've been so thrilled just to go to a game, and felt so lucky for that," Bailey says. "But not only that, I was on the field, I got to see them, I got to be a part of everything."

She was treated to quite a game, with Dallas coming back to beat Tampa Bay 26-20.

"It was awesome, something that you can't forget, and I was super lucky to go in there and see it. If I do go blind, it's gonna be one of those things that I can still look back and see everything, can still hear the crowd and visualize everything."

These are memories that will still shine brightly, long after Bailey's vision has faded.

Bailey says she became a Cowboys fan to be different from her family, all of whom root for the Packers.


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