Brawls Breaking Out in Malls Across Country

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Brawls have been breaking out in shopping malls across the country. (ABC 7)

Brawls have been breaking out in shopping malls across the country. (ABC 7)

AURORA, Illinois  —  While many people are heading out to stores for a little post-Christmas shopping, some are left running for the exits as brawls are breaking out in malls across the country, according to ABC 7’s Eric Horng.

Alexis Malone was working inside Fox Valley Mall when one of the fights began around 7 p.m.

“I’m still a little shaken up. I’ve never seen that many people inside brawling like that,” she says.

Due to several fights, the shopping center was forced to close.

“Everyone’s pulling out their phones, I see the police rushing in, I see kids hitting each other, kids trampling each other. So it was just madness,” says Malone.

What exactly sparked the brawl is unclear. Police have recently been called to several fights at malls across the country, including one in New Jersey that left people panicked after a chair was thrown during one of the altercations. Shoppers feared potential gunfire, but no shots were fired.

“Let’s definitely take a breath, yeah,” says Malone. “If you’re coming to look for trouble or look for negativity, just don’t even do it. It’s not worth it.

At least seven juveniles were arrested in connection to an Indiana mall fight, and several other arrests were made nationwide.