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GoFundMe Campaign to Protect Betty White From 2016

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SOUTH CAROLINA  --  Most people would agree 2016 has been a rough year for celebrity deaths. To make sure one beloved star is safe until the year is over, a South Carolina man has started a campaign to be a "golden guard" for the actress.

Demetrios Hrysikos started a GoFundMe page to raise money for him to stand guard over Betty White, the 94-year-old "Golden Girls" star.

On the fundraiser page Hrysikos writes, "If she's okay with it, I will fly to wherever Betty White is and keep her safe till January 1st, 2017."

Hrysikos has currently raised over $7,800 dollars, exceeding his initial goal of $2,000. The fundraiser will end at midnight on New Year's Eve, with a new goal of $10,000.

Hrysikos writes that if White does not want his protection, he will donate the money to a youth theater company in Spartanburg, South Carolina.