A Changing of the Guard- New Sheriff in Marshall County

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- In a courtroom on the 4th floor Marshall County has sworn in a new Sheriff for the first time in almost 29 years.

Steven Hoffman was sworn in Tuesday morning in a ceremony by District Judge, James Ellefson. The ceremony also included those serving other county offices.

Hoffman has served along with outgoing Sheriff, Ted Kamatchus, as his Chief Deputy.

“It's a bittersweet day only for my own self, because when you’ve been sheriff for almost 29 years, and a cop for over 40 years, it's obviously the end of a massive era,” said Kamatchus. “The young man who took my spot worked for me for a long time, and he's very capable, and Marshall County couldn't have done better.

Sheriff Hoffman has been in law enforcement since 1991, and joined the Marshall County Sheriff’s office in 1994. He’s worked on patrol, on the drug task force, and as jailer, among other roles he has filled.

“I want to thank outgoing Sheriff Kamatchus, for the role that he played in this, and certainly want to thank my parents, my father who started in law enforcement,” said Hoffman. “This is a journey that started with a four-year-old boy who saw hero, and knew that he wanted to grow up to help people.”

Hoffman was helped in the transition by his parents, wife and kids who all helped pin the new badge and other pins on his new uniform.

“Family is the backbone of everything in our communities,” said Hoffman. “Its their sacrifices, it's the holidays or the birthdays, or school activities, having that family support is incredibly important.”

Hoffman said his first thing he wants to do as Sheriff is to thank all those who are now serving at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.