In Light of Viral Video of Toddler Accident, Metro Hospital Offers Free Safety Straps

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Urbandale, IOWA — A viral video of a toddler tipping over a dresser, and his twin brother coming to the rescue, has Iowa parents taking stock of their homes.

“It’s scary to watch, and crazy to think it could happen in just a minute” said Kim Jones, mother of a four year-old.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video posted to Facebook by a Utah mother, in hopes that parents across the country will think about ways to prevent it from happening in their home.

“Having a two year-old at home, he climbs on everything and it very easily could have been my child” said Chris Marshall.

“He’s all over the place, I mean; you can’t physically be in the same room all the time made me think about anchoring down the dresser in his bedroom” said Jones.

The Blank Children’s Hospital is offering parents like Kim and Chris a cost-free safety measure that they say can save lives.

Through February the Hospital’s safety store is giving away free safety straps that can be used to anchor furniture into the wall.

If anchored into a stud properly, they can hold the weight of a dresser or cabinet, preventing it from falling over.

According to three children are hurt by falling furniture per hour, totaling over 25,000 per year.

It’s not just dressers though, 70% of what falls on kids happens at the TV entertainment center.

The safety store also sells TV straps for $10, and TV wall mounts for $30.

The children’s hospital also says to look out for tipping hazards you might not think about.

“Anything that’s below the knee is considered a tipping hazard so dressers especially should be strapped to the walls, the drawers can come out and get heavy on the wrong side and tip on over. Having it secured to the wall takes one less thing off of your plate” said program director Jessica LaCroix.

LaCroix says the safety store tries to make these safety measures accessible for everyone, and sells all their products below retail pricing.

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