Iowa Future-Ready Alliance Bringing Education and Industry Leaders Together

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DES MOINES, Iowa-The Future Ready Alliance held it’s second meeting on Tuesday. Education, along with industry and professional leaders from 27 counties in Iowa are crafting a plan to increase the education level of Iowa’s workforce.

Iowa’s Future Ready Goal is to have at least 70% of the population with a degree or some type of post-secondary training, by the year 2025. That training, which would lead to a job with a higher income than minimum wage.

The effort is necessary according to Beth Townsend, who is Director of Iowa Workforce Development.

“In order to be able to attract new business, and to keep the businesses that we currently have, we need to be able to provide a workforce that has that level of education and training,” said Townsend. “That will raise the standard of living but it's also arrived at, because that's what we have learned economically we're going to need in order to support the growth that we currently enjoy.

One of the areas of discussion is how to define something that says a person has more training or education to qualify them for a higher-skill job.

“Is it a two and four-year degree, is it the completion of a registered apprenticeship program, is a certification that leads to a better job,” said Townsend in talking about the options.

The goal is to have a strategic plan to present to the Governor, by October 31, of 2017.