Osceola Car Dealer Facing Identity Theft Charges

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OSCEOLA, Iowa– A four month long investigation of an Osceola Ford dealer has led to charges of identity theft.

61-year-old Wil Reisinger of Anchor Motors was arrested last week. State investigators say he was caught trying to steal more than $16,000. Court documents show he used a former technician’s ID number to make fraudulent claims of warranty work to Ford Motor Company.

“I wasn’t surprised,” said Asa Kenoyer of Aces Auto Sales.

Neither were the half a dozen people we spoke to, but didn’t want to go on camera. Kenoyer runs the car dealership with his wife just down the street from Anchor.

“It’s a small town. We hear a lot of things,” he explained.

The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection began investigating the case last August. Deputy Director Mike Athey says investigators were notified of a fraud complaint to the Attorney General’s Office.
During the investigation, they uncovered 21 cases of fraud, but authorities only charged Reisinger with the top five dollar amounts.

“Those of us that are out there trying to earn the trust of our customers, it makes a big difference. It makes that job twice as hard,” said Kenoyer.

Reisinger is out of jail on a $25,000 bond. He declined to comment for our story. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison. The DOT would also impose a 5-year suspension from the car business.