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More Conservation Acres For Iowa

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Iowa just got a lot more conservation ground available for farmers.
Another 115,000 acres of land can be enrolled into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) for the state in addition to the nearly 5,400 announced last month.
The Farm Service Agency says the additional acres are in the CRP State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) programs; with 50,000 acres specifically for Wildlife SAFE and 25,000 acres for Pheasant Recovery SAFE.
On top of that, 40,000 acres are going to a new SAFE project called Iowa Early Successional Quail Habitat, to help out bobwhite quail in the state.
The ground set aside lets landowners make wildlife habitat cover.
Nationwide, farmers and ranchers can only enroll 1.1 million acres to restore wildlife habitat, out of a national cap of 24 million acres of CRP.
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