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Goats To Eat Old Christmas Trees in an Ames Fundraiser

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AMES, Iowa- For people getting rid of old Christmas trees, an Ames business has a novel proposal. Let their goats eat your tree.

The business Goats on the Go was started 5 years ago to provide a grazing service to hold down weeds and unwanted plants on parks and other grounds in Iowa.

Now, the business owner is trying something new called Goats on the Snow. At this point they have no snow, but they do have lots of goats.

“Goats prefer the trees and brush it also helps with their stomach and their digestion, it's really good for the goats,” said owner Chad Steenhoek. “When you think about farm animals, you think about the cows being the mothers, I think about the goats being the court jester, they're always sticking their head somewhere.”

People are asked to bring their old tree out to the Goats on the Go farm, and leave the tree, watch the goats consume the tree. Kids can also pet some goats, and pose for pictures. Some of the goats will be inside a heated building. Some of the goats could be quite photogenic.

“The reason we came up with Goats on the Snow, is my wife wanted to dress goats up and scarves and hats and Christmas gear, so we came up with the event where she can do that once a year.”

A free-will offering will be taken to raise money to a ministry which helps people in Haiti, buy kid goats. The event runs from 11-2 Saturday January 7th.

Goats on the Go is located at 3892 N 500th Ave. in Ames.

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