Des Moines Public Schools Job Fair Aims to Hire Teachers for Hard-to-Fill Positions

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Des Moines Public Schools held a job fair on Saturday to hire teachers for specific education areas. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The start of a new legislative session means another annual battle will begin: setting the school funding formula.

Many in the educational field are worried they could be facing big cuts with Republicans controlling the full legislature and the governor’s office.

On Saturday, prospective teachers had the chance to land a job for the next school year before the start of that battle.

Des Moines Public Schools held a job fair aimed specifically towards meeting three major areas of need: special education, secondary math, and English language learners.

School officials say it is challenging to find qualified teachers in this area, so they hope to get them first.

“We just don’t have enough people that are going into that field, we don’t have enough people that are majoring in special education and that kind of thing, so it’s really a shortage area here in Iowa,” says Anne Sullivan of the Des Moines Public Schools. “So that’s why we really wanna try and have a job fair, an educator fair like this, early, so that we can get out there early and hire those people for the hard-to-fill positions.”

Interviews for these positions were held during the job fair. The district expects to hire more than 100 new teachers before the next school year begins.

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