Elderly Man Helps Save Two Women After Car Wreck Outside His Home

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Lindell Marbut helped save two women from a car wreck on his front lawn. (WHO-HD)

FORT WORTH, Texas  —  An 85-year-old man who uses a cane is credited with saving two women after their car wreck.

Lindell Marbut was resting at his home near fort worth when a speeding car flipped over, right into his yard.

The car then burst into flames.

Marbut went outside as fast as he was able to, and helped helped pull the driver from the car.

His caretaker was inside calling 911, but she also went outside afterwards and helped drag the passenger to safety.

The local fire department acknowledged Marbut’s work and says things would have been much worse without his intervention.

A car rolled into Marbut's yard before catching on fire. (WHO-HD)

A car rolled into Marbut’s yard before catching on fire. (WHO-HD)

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