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Nothing Like Camping At Hilton Coliseum in January

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AMES, Iowa  --  The 2nd ranked Kansas J-Hawks don’t arrive in Ames for a week yet. The annual showdown is already generating some excitement, as students have started camping outside Hilton Coliseum.

“We came out a little earlier this year hoping we can get a better spot,” said Jason Terrrell, a junior from State Center. “We were second row last year, with this we'll probably be first.”

Terrell said it’s great to be in the first row for the game, which sells out every year. Even with tickets, he doesn’t want to chance getting a bad place to sit.

“It's Hilton magic, and you only get to go to college for so many years before you have to go to a real-time job and pay a lot of money for these tickets,” said Terrell. “So it's just fun to come out have fun with everybody else here.”

Terrell said he saw one tent go up over the weekend, then another, so he knew he and his friends had to get down there to set up their own.

“We stay warm, we always have sleeping bags and probably about 50 blankets,” said Terrell. “We usually try to rotate people in our group, we all stay out here every night and then you go and take a hot shower and stay inside for a little bit and go to class.”

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