Des Moines Man Found in Utah Accused of Missing Woman’s Murder

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines man is being charged with the murder of a woman reported missing last week.

Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department says 22-year-old Kyle Alexander Jepson, who is in custody in Utah, will be charged with first degree murder, first degree robbery, and first degree burglary when he is extradited back to Iowa.

Kyle Jepson (WHO-HD)

Kyle Jepson (WHO-HD)

Jepson is accused of killing 49-year-old Gloria Gary. She was reported missing on January 5th. She had last been seen January 3rd when she left her place of employment.

Gary's car was spotted January 11th in Parowan City, Utah. Surveillance video from a nearby convenience store showed a man observed with the vehicle, but Gary was not seen.

On Thursday, law enforcement officials located Gary’s car in Tooele County, Utah and took a male adult in the car, Kyle Jepson,  into custody. After interviewing Jepson, Utah officials gave Des Moines police information that prompted them to obtain a search warrant for Gary’s home at 3107 56th Street.

Police say Utah law enforcement was vital in solving the case.

"He was doing great police work he was being very proactive, and that piece of information was probably what broke this for us" said Parizek.

Early Friday morning, investigators found a body inside Gary's home that had been concealed. They believe the body to be that of Gloria Gary but a positive identification will need to be done during an autopsy.

Police say investigators had an uneasy feeling about the case early on in the investigation.

"I think when they started talking to people and realized how out of character this was. She was reliable, going to work when she was supposed to go to work. It’s my understanding that her employer contacted her family and said she hadn’t shown up for two days" said Parizek.

Gloria Gary (WHO-HD)

Gloria Gary (WHO-HD)

Police had been in Gary's home before, but until they received a search warrant, were unable to do a complete search of the home.

Neighbors say while they've noticed violence in the metro area become more common, they did not expect this.

"Recently we had the police shooting just a few blocks from here, clearly Des Moines is growing up and this is part of the pain, but this is crazy behavior" said neighbor Steve Anderson.

Police say they don't believe Jepson and Gary knew each other.

Jepson had previously been wanted a warrant for burglary.