Minivan with Baby Inside Drives Through Guardrail & Down Ravine

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Three people are lucky to be alive after a scary crash this evening in Des Moines. A man, a woman, and a baby were inside the minivan.

Police got the call at 5:49 PM. The vehicle crashed off the approach to the SW 9th Street viaduct and landed on Thomas Beck Road below. Witnesses told police the minivan was traveling northbound on SW 9th St. in the outside lane when the vehicle abruptly cut over another lane of traffic, went over the median, through the guardrail and down the ravine, before landing on Thomas Beck Road.

When police arrived, everybody was already outside of the vehicle. The three occupants of the minivan were treated at the scene for minor injuries and taken to a local hospital for precautionary measures. "They’re very fortunate, especially (with) the steep incline of the ravine behind us," said Des Moines Police Sergeant Anthony Ballantini. "A few more feet and they could have actually went over the viaduct, depending on their speed and the make of the vehicle, could have put them over the top and could have been much more severe," said Sgt. Ballantini. “It was just a heck of a ride going down the hill, went over another median and landed in the westbound lane (of Thomas Beck Road) where it came to rest," he said.