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Iowans Stock Up to Stay Away from Storm

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BEVINGTON, Iowa  --  As the ice storm gets closer, more people are making last-minute trips to the store in preparation of staying home until the storm passes.

Mike DaSilva caught up with people at a Kum & Go in Bevington just before the sleet started falling.

He says most of the people he spoke with were already pretty prepared, but just wanted to get a few more items so they could stay off the roads, stay inside to enjoy some football, and let the Department of Transportation employees do what they need to keep the roads safe for drivers.

"I've been getting a lot of milk, gas, bread, kind of everything to keep them warm and at home," said Kum & Go cashier Dan Shaver.

David Grospeo of Winterset agrees. "Just the necessities, you know, milk, and a little ice cream and some chips and, you know, food to kind of watch the game and sit back and relax," he said.
"Friend of mine I play pool with says he needs some wood, so, you know, sometimes when the weather's kind of bad we still try and deliver," said Robert Kneuper of Lorimor.

One State Trooper said the best advice is to slow down when driving and stay off the roads if possible.