Among Variety of Nationwide Protests, Saturday’s Demonstrators Hope to Remain Peaceful

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WASHINGTON D.C.  --  On Saturday, marches are taking place across the country to bring attention to a variety of issues.

NBC's Tracie Potts has the story from Washington, where buses full of demonstrators traveled to join in the nationwide movement.

"We're really coming to Washington to say 'not on our watch. It won't happen. You want roll back our rights? You will not oppress us and we will stand up,'" said Tamika Mallory, an organizer of the women's march.

The agenda includes rights for equal pay, abortion, and immigration, as well as environmental awareness.

After signing off on secretaries of defense and homeland security, President Trump's first executive order was waiving or delaying fees for Obamacare. On the same day, protests surrounding Trump's inauguration took place in nearly two dozen cities around the country, and police confirmed one person was shot in Seattle overnight.

"I saw a man on the ground and there were two other medics running with me, and we all, we saw he was covered in blood," said an EMT at one of the protests.

In Washington D.C., just blocks from the inauguration, police in riot gear responded to a limousine and business that were vandalized. More than 200 people were arrested.

Washington D.C.'s Mayor Muriel Bowser said, "We will not tolerate violence and vandalism and the destruction of our neighborhoods."

However, like the human chain formed across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Saturday's demonstrators hope their event remains peaceful.


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