Hampton Clears the Streets- Cars First, Then Snow

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Snow plows and trucks move snow in a hurry in downtown Hampton (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

HAMPTON, Iowa- When heavy snow falls in Hampton, the City asks residents for some help.  They want all cars to be off the streets.

The City puts an announcement on local radio, and blasts out text messages.

“We subscribe to a service called NIXLE,” said Public Works Director, Doug Tarr. “What they have done is start a service that the city can utilize, they just sign up for the text message on their own, we’ve had hundreds of people take advantage of that, and it works real well.”

The idea is, everybody gets their vehicle off the street. Even if they have to park on their lawn, which normally is not legal.  Then the city has a team, with all hands on deck to attack the snow.

“We have a 3 man street department, we have about 12 full-time employees,” said Tarr. “Basically everybody, every department pitches in from our waste water to water, those guys all come in..everybody pitches in on snow removal.”

That even includes Tarr, who as Public Works Director, normally is behind a desk.  Several dump trucks line up behind a huge snow blower to get truck loads of snow removed, in a hurry.

Hampton had around ten inches of snow.  So far this year the City is about normal on it’s $13,00 snow removal budget. Seems they’ve already put down some salt, and sand in recent snow storms.


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