Mixed Reactions to New Fixed Speed Cameras in Windsor Heights

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa -- Interim Windsor Heights Police Chief Derek Meyer says it seems simple. "Citizens can expect to obey the law."  As two fixed speed cameras along University Avenue in Windsor Heights become active at 12:00 am Friday, feelings are mixed.  "I think it's just an attempt to raise money for Windsor Heights," said Chase Bromert from Des Moines.  "If it gets people to slow down, then I am ok with that," said Chris Kannapel of Windsor Heights.  The city has been using mobile cameras since 2012 and they say the success warranted an upgrade in the 7100 block across from the Hy-Vee and on the north side of University at 64th.  "If you are a flagrant violator traveling eleven miles per hour over the speed limit, you should see a flash, said Meyer.  That ticket is sent to the vehicle owner's address with a picture and will cost you $65. "I'm sure I am going to have one of those sometime so I probably won't be too happy about that," said Kannapel.

Some, like Tony Hoftiezer from Grimes, question the need. "You've got two different stop lights. I really don't see a use for them in this area."  Police strongly disagree.  "We've had fatalities off this roadway and so if we can mitigate that and bring that number down or eliminate it, that`s awesome and what we are looking for," said Meyer.
Others question the abrupt change in speed zones.  It is 30 mph on the east side of 63rd which is in Des Moines and suddenly drops to 25 mph once you on the west side of the street in Windsor Heights.  "It's fairly abrupt," said Kate Rolfes of Des Moines.  "It's always been an issue with speed traps here so everyone pretty much immediately goes slow."  For those who live in town, Kannapel said,  "It's our town, slow down."

American Traffic Solutions installed the devices at no charge to the city of Windsor Heights but they do receive $26 per traffic citation.