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Metro Iowa Target Employee Gains Internet Fame with Viral Dancing Video

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  One Target employee in Iowa definitely knows how to make work a little more exciting, and now he's going viral.

Chase Carlson, 24, posted a video of himself dancing at a metro Target. The caption reads, "The things I do at work to make it fun for the team..."

Since it was posted in November, the video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Carlson said he just wanted to put a smile on his co-workers' faces and was surprised that the video took off.

"I guess I didn't think it would take off like it did, and then one day I woke up and I had, like, 1,142 friend requests, and I was like, uh oh, what happened," said Carlson. "And I just kept scrolling through the comments and saw that somebody had shared it and somebody who saw it shared it, and it was a domino effect that kept going."

Now that one of his videos has gotten so much attention, Carlson is starting to thing about his next move.

"I guess the only thing I have anxiety about is, like, alright, what are we gonna do next 'cause we've gotta do another video," he said. "I mean, we've posted three or four out there on my Instagram and whatnot, so now the pressure's really on. The next one's gotta be good, we've gotta one-up whatever we just did."

Carlson has been with Target for two years and says the company's CEO has seen the video and reacted positively.

Carlson is from Oskaloosa but has been in the metro since he graduated from Grand View University.

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