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Dangerous Synthetic Drug ‘U4’ Popping Up in Central Iowa

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AMES, Iowa -- A drug that police say can be seven times more lethal than heroin is turning up in central Iowa.

The drug is called “U4” or “Pink” and is synthetic. It has recently been added to the DEA’s list of banned substances – that list also includes cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

The Ames Police Department says it has already dealt with a number of cases involving “U4” and the drug isn’t difficult to find online.

Users take it in pill or powder form and its potency can easily lead to overdoses.

"The result could be death, that's how serious this stuff is,” says Commander Geoff Huff. "That's why we are asking parents to pay attention to what your kids are doing on the internet because they could be ordering it so if they get orders you are not aware of, you probably want to check into it."

Police could not comment on the current “U4” cases they're investigating in Ames.

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