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Breaking Into The Market By Farm Shows

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The Iowa Power Farming Show is the third largest indoor ag show in the nation and it's hosted in Des Moines.

Nearly 860 companies are represented there with some of the biggest brands. However, there are also some brands trying to break into the market.

International companies visit the power farming show hoping to convince farmers to try out their products.

The company Agrifac is from the Netherlands, this is their second year at the Iowa Power Farming show but the first time they got space to show off demo equipment.

But getting a market share isn't simple according to Rob Blijdorp with Agrifac, "I would say it's a challenge, but I think we have quite unique features on our sprayer people really see as an advantage for their farm as well. We might come from a far country from here, but I'm pretty sure even with our local head office in Davenport, you can also support the customers here locally."

He says, one of the features of their sprayer is stopping boom movement by making wheel height more flexible. That also allows a wider boom width up to 160 feet. The wheels also always stay on the ground.

Blijdorp says, "Due to the variable clearance we can do some other nice tricks with it as well. So, we can level off the complete machine having a stable machine on the side hills, you can climb a hill with less power."

He adds they want to start doing demos on farms next year.

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