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Glass in the Garden Opens at the Botanical Center

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DES MOINES, Iowa- A new art exhibit has opened at the Des Moines Botanical Center.

Glass in the Garden by Tilda Brown Swanson of Des Moines held an opening event on Thursday night.

Swanson uses layered and cut glass, which she fires in a kiln. She says she never knows for sure what the end result might be.

The exhibit features 10 glass sculptures which are laid out along the paths of the garden. Brown Swanson said she has always wanted to do a glass show, in a garden.

I think what’s wonderful about the show and being in the botanical garden is it already so beautiful and you don’t want to glass to overpower the beauty,” said Brown Swanson. “You want guests to walk through and still be able to enjoy the botanical garden but to enhance the location and the plants that are here.”

The exhibit also includes a series of glass works in lighted boxes in a gallery on the north side of the Botanical Center.

Glass in the Garden will run until April 2nd. The 10 works are for sale, and will benefit programs at the Botanical Center.

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