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Grinnell New City Hall Part of a New Housing Complex With History

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRINNELL, Iowa  --  The City of Grinnell has moved City offices to a former transportation museum.

The City became owner of the facility after a transportation museum there closed for financial reasons. The City spent $900,00 for the building and $700,000 for remodeling.

The move was made possible with the sale of the former community center near downtown, where city offices were housed.

“This building houses all the city’s administrative functions,” said Russ Behrens, Grinnell City Manager. “We’re just getting settled in this week, but so far everything is working out pretty well.”

The Spaulding Transportation Center name will stay on the building, but it will essentially be City Hall, with some transportation exhibits in the building.

“It’ll be a transportation museum and City Hall combination museum. Because of the grant that help fund us, we’re required to help maintain a transportation theme,” said Behrens. “The building is a former Spaulding buggy manufacturing, and a few Spaulding cars are made here.”

Part of the Spaulding complex has been remodeled into Spaulding Lofts, an apartment complex owned and developed by Hubbell Development of Des Moines.

“Spaulding Lofts' original architecture is from the 1870’s,” said Ryan Eaton, who serves as Lease Up Manger for Hubbell. “We’ve got two buildings, a total of 77 apartments, one and two bedrooms. You'll see a number of original architecture features such as exposed brick.”