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Iowa Firefighters Create Makeshift Oxygen Mask to Save Dog’s Life

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Firefighters in Vinton worked to save a dog's life after a house fire. (WHO-HD)

BENTON COUNTY, Iowa  —  Firefighters save people all the time, but they are not always recognized for saving pets.

Iowa firefighters were recently called to a home in Vinton, where they thought nobody was inside.

However, when they heard a whimpering sound coming from the kitchen, they knew they still had a rescue mission on their hands.

Firefighters initially thought the dog was dead, but without any equipment they worked to revive the animal by improvising something they had seen on TV.

“We we started giving it some oxygen off my mask and one of the other firefighters took a styrofoam cup and cut the bottom of it out, then stuck the nozzle in it and put that all over the dog’s nose,” said one of the rescuers.

The dog is expected to be okay.

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