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Proposed Law Could Allow Platooning Trucks Across Iowa

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AMES, Iowa- The Iowa Department of Transportation has come out in favor of a bill, HF 465, in the Iowa legislature, which would allow something called platooning, on Iowa roads.

Platooning is where two or three trucks can travel together in close proximity, as a means of saving fuel. Current Iowa law requires 300 feet minimum following distance.

The technology for this technique would be things like, cruise control, gps navigation, as well as cameras and radar on the road. The technology could be over-ridden by drivers on board.

“Platooning does improve the safety of the transportation system, and the department is very interested any technologies that helps make our system more safe and efficient,” said Andrea Henry of the Iowa DOT.

She said state transportation officials are open to the idea of trucking and technology companies testing out this technology in Iowa.

“We’ve been in talks with several companies, who are interested in this technology, and are currently in development of these types technologies,” said Henry. “What we want to do is remove any restrictions, so if they are interested in utilizing any of these technologies they can do that here in Iowa.”

One company the Iowa DOT is aware of is called Peloton-Tech You can watch video of this platooning here.

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