Davenport Police Department Defending Against Police Brutality Claims

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DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  The Davenport Police Department is defending itself against claims of police brutality in a recent arrest.

As WQAD's Megan Noe reports, the department released dash camera video of the arrest on Friday to better explain photos that began circulating online of the suspect's injuries.

The incident began as a routine traffic stop.

"The officer on the driver's side of the vehicle saw marijuana in the car, so he called the other officer to the back of the car," said Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski.

When officers asked Untril Overstreet, one of the vehicle's occupants, to step out of the car, he swung his hands and took off running down the street.

"At that point they're in foot pursuit, a taser was deployed, that's why the subject went down face-first," said Sikorski.

Overstreet was then handcuffed, after a struggle for several minutes.

On Friday, Chief Sikorski showed the video to members of the media after Facebook posts claimed Overstreet was the victim of police brutality.

"We want our community to believe in us and trust in us, and showing them what we do is an important part of that. So social media certainly had a foot up on us on this particular one," said Sikorski.

Officers say Overstreet was taken to the hospital, but that his injuries were caused by his fall after being tased.

"I would support that all of his facial injuries were from the fall. Cause as you can see, I think it's pretty clear watching the video, nobody hit him," Sikorski said.

He also said an internal investigation is still wrapping up, but no officers have been taken off the job.

Overstreet is charged with drug possession and assault on a police officer.

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