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Eastern Iowa ‘River’ Rescue Turns Into Big Addition to Local Family

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WATERLOO, Iowa  --  After rescuing a dog from the Cedar River, an eastern Iowa man has decided to make the animal a permanent part of his family.

Chad Conkling was fishing in February when he saw a dog struggling to stay afloat in the water. Rescue crews were unable to reach the dog from shore, so they asked Conkling for help since he was already on the water. Together, they pulled the 90-pound dog to safety.

After the dog was checked out by the vet, Conkling asked if he would be able to adopt the animal. He named his new pet River, and officially brought her home on Thursday.

"That's the biggest thing I've ever caught on this river, I've never caught nothing that big," laughed Conkling.

The family has set one ground rule for the new dog: no swimming in the river.