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Johnston Community Has ‘Coffee With a Cop’

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JOHNSTON, Iowa  --  On Friday morning, Johnston police pulled over to enjoy a cup of coffee with members of their community.

This month's Coffee with a Cop event took place at Cozy Cafe. During the gatherings, police and community members have a chance to talk to each other about anything from concerns about safety to conversations about family.

"We don't necessarily want it to always be about complaints or concerns," said Lieutenant Lynn Aswegan of the Johnston Police Department. "Obviously if they do this is the environment where they can feel free to share that, but it's more about establishing relationships, having that social connection so people are familiar with us maybe on a first-name basis, have a little knowledge about us, we have a little knowledge about them. Just establishes a better relationship in the long-run," said Lieutenant Lynn Aswegan of the Johnston Police Department.

"You see them every day, you know, and sometimes you'll wave but you really don't know them," said one community member. "And it's the fact that we live in the same community and you see them four or five times a day, and it's like, well who are they? It really puts a name to a face, you get to know them and they know you, it makes a difference I think."

Coffee with a Cop events are generally held during the day on weekdays, but the police department is looking at changing them to afternoons and weekends so more people can attend.

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