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Kansas City Security Prepares for Big 12 Tournament

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri  --  The men's Big Twelve Championship starts on Wednesday in Kansas City, and the teams are not the only ones preparing for the event.

Thousands of basketball fans, including some from Iowa State, will fill downtown KC. They will also be joined by hundreds of men and women in blue.

From the cars to the crowds, the Big 12 Championship is huge business for Kansas City. Making sure the thousands of fans stay as safe as possible while having as much fun as possible is a big job, and one the Kansas City Police Department is preparing to tackle.

"We'll have someone on almost every corner down there to assist and then also to keep everyone safe," said Officer Darin Snapp.

The police department says it will also have officers in plainclothes in and around the Spring Center, as well as officers from its vice squad.

If you plan to make the trip to the tournament, police recommend keeping all valuables--including things like cell phones, chargers, and GPS devices--hidden in your car so anyone going through parking garages will not see anything in your vehicle to steal.

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