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Second Season of Underground Brings Suspense and Drama

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LOS ANGELES, California  --  Get ready for an intense season on “Underground." The second season of the critically acclaimed series gets underway this week on WHO’s sister station WGN America.

The cast and creators said it will be even bigger than last season.

"It's a lot of danger. Everything is intensified to like 100 fold," said Aldis Hodge, who portrays strong and charismatic leader Noah.

Director Anthony Hemingway said, “It's such an awesome action thrill ride that humanizes the spirit and people from this period of time. They were just remarkable American heroes."

Underground tells the story of the revolutionaries of the Underground Railroad. Creator and writer Misha Green said, “Underground is the story of those who were fighting in the Underground Railroad in 1858, when we start season 2. It's just a story about the revolution and what was going on in American history at that time.”

Creator and Writer Joe Pokaski added, "I think season one, in very simple terms was people saying, I want to take my freedom back. We're running 600 miles and making it north. Season 2 is very much a lesson. It's not that easy."

Alano Miller, as cunning and calculating Cato, said this season will focus on citizen versus soldier. “This is a political year for season 2, and I think it's a parallel to what's going on now, I think. And, it begs the questions 'are you just someone who complains about things in the world and blindly just lets things happen, or are you going to actively do something about it,'” he said.

The cast and crew shot the first season in Louisiana. They moved the second season to Savannah, Georgia. Pokaski said, "Savannah was a great location for season 2 because we wanted to kind of increase our scope, so now we're telling stories of Virginia and Ohio and Kentucky, even in England, so Savannah was the perfect place. Every corner you turn, you find a new look."

The first season was met with praise and a big following on air and in social media. The cast isn’t surprised the series resonates with viewers. Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who plays the formerly timid and sheltered enslaved woman Rosalee, said, “This was the first integrated civil rights movement. I also think 1858 was a very desperate and dangerous time. Our nation was very divided, and unfortunately we're seeing resemblances now.”

Hemingway said, "It's today, it's now. This story is as old as time, but it's contemporary as today's headlines, so we are really excited to continue sharing it."

Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Grammy Award Winner John Legend serves as Executive Producer and appears in front of the camera this season as abolitionist Frederick Douglas. He also wrote a song for the second season called “In America.”

Season two of “Underground” premieres Wednesday, March 8th on WGN America at 9 p.m. Iowa time.

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