Second Season of Thrilling Show Features Two Historical Figures

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LOS ANGELES, California – The second season of a thrilling show gets underway Wednesday night on Channel 13’s sister station WGN America. “Underground” tells the stories of revolutionaries on the Underground Railroad. The second season picks up in 1858 and includes two well-known figures from that time.

Director Anthony Hemingway said, "In school, it's pretty much compartmentalized into a sentence or paragraph, and I think we are really kind of blowing that up, and peeling the layers back."

Amirah Vann, who portrays Ernestine said, "For the 2nd season, it's going to be a new roller coaster ride, new struggles."

The second season brings new struggles for old characters, including formerly timid and sheltered enslaved woman Rosalee, who is played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. She said, "They're living, breathing, fleshy people who in 1858 are picking up the fight and leading the way."

Recurring guest starts join the cast for the second season. Aisha Hinds takes on the pioneering role of the Underground Railroad's most famous conductor, Harriet Tubman. “It's a tremendous, tremendous honor, but it's also a huge, huge responsibility, and a call to duty. Harriet Tubman is not someone I take lightly. I don't think anyone does, and so I'm thrilled to be a part of this and to sort of dig back all of these layers and learn things about her I never know," she said.

Ten-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter John Legend serves as executive producer again, and this season even appears in front of the camera as abolitionist Frederick Douglas. Alano Miller, who plays cunning Cato, said, "He does a great job. People are going to be blown away.”

Miller shot scenes with Legend and added, “It was amazing. He's a really great guy, and very talented, and so humble. He would, in between takes, there was a smidge of nervousness I think. That was exciting to say, oh wow, you're human because I always think of him as another super here. It's John Legend! But, I forget he's like us. We all understand the importance of doing this show, and we want to represent it in the best way."

Legend produced a new song for season 2 called “In America.” “Underground” premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Channel 13’s sister station WGN America.

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