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Governor and Lt. Governor Impressed with Clean-up Efforts in Seymour

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SEYMOUR, Iowa -- "It`s a good thing. It`s the way it should be. It`s about time. Sometimes it takes horrible stuff to get people together," said Thomas Conn, speaking of how people from all over young and old, are coming together to lend helping hands to clean up and rebuild Seymour.

"We really didn`t know how many were going to show up today, and we brought I think four or five bus loads full, so that's pretty awesome...I think it`s about 200 kids," said, Desire Grismore of Wayne Community Schools. "We love our neighbors, that`s for sure," she said.

It`s that spirit of neighborly love that has the Governor Terry E. Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds optimistic about the future, even after seeing up close the damage and destruction that was caused. "The community has done a phenomenal job of clean up, they`ve had a lot of volunteers that`ve come in from all the surrounding area and sometimes from quite a far distance," said Governor Branstad.

"It`s really heartwarming I think, to see the resiliency of Iowans and the compassion and the coordination and...they have people lined up to come tomorrow and Friday, and so they`re waiting to see if they need them," said Lt. Gov. Reynolds.

Gov. Branstad and Lt. Governor said it`s important for them to show up and see the damage first hand, and to also let the community know that they are here to help.


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