4-Year-Old’s Death Blamed on Anesthesia Following Standard Dental Visit

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OREGON  --  A 4-year-old boy in Oregon lost his life after a standard dental visit, and his death is now being blamed on anesthesia.

CNN's Jamie Wilson reported on the tragic loss Mykel Peterson's mother Thmeka Curry now faces.

"It has not actually hit me yet that my son is not coming back and I'm just numb at this point, just numb," said Thmeka, in shock after the sudden death.

Thmeka took Mykel to the dentist's office--where he had previously undergone procedures using anesthesia--to get a cavity filled last Friday, but when he did not wake up in the recovery room, an employee noticed the boy had stopped breathing.

"I was eventually asked to leave when he started the chest compressions. I just went into shock like this is not really happening right now. So i'm just texting his dad and coworker and friend. And they're just like, 'he'll be okay,'" said Thmeka.

Paramedics rushed Mykel to the hospital, but he died soon after. Thmeka is still trying to figure out what happened, but she did not feel the need to worry at the time.

"I wasn't concerned about it. He's had it done before so it wasn't anything I was afraid of at that point," she said.

Thmeka said her son was a sweet and happy boy, and he was developmentally delayed, which is why they went to this particular dental office that specialized in treating children with special needs. She now has strong advice for other parents.

"Just any time your kid may have to get put to sleep, make sure you ask lots of questions," she said.

The Washington State Department of Health is currently reviewing the case to decide if they will open an investigation. Medical examiners say the cause of death is still pending following toxicology results.