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Iowa Attorney General Suing Colorado Company Over Drinkable Sunscreen

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is accusing a company of ripping people off by selling what they claim is drinkable sunscreen.

The product is called Harmonized Water, and claims to be a "UV neutralizer" that can protect people from harmful solar rays by being sprayed into the mouth. It promises to create "wave" that block the UV radiation.

Miller says there is no valid testing to back up that claim. He also says the Colorado-based company is recklessly putting Iowans in danger with "hollow assurances" they are protected. According to Miller, the only ingredient listed is water.

The Attorney General announced the lawsuit on Tuesday with a statement reading, in part, "It's flat-out dangerous to consumers to make them think without any proof that this water protects them from what we know is proven: potentially cancer-causing exposure to the sun."

The same company also sells a drinkable insect repellent that Miller claims is not legitimate. He says that product could give someone traveling in tropical areas false assurance they are protected from mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.