State Tries to Crack Down on Impaired Driving for St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau is helping to foot the bill for the overtime costs officers are expected to rack up over the holiday weekend.

The GTSB expects to spend about $500,000 over 177 agencies across Iowa.

Drivers can expect to see increased patrols across the entire state, but especially in higher OWI areas like downtown Des Moines, metro suburbs, Ames, and Iowa City.

The GTSB hopes that those celebrating are smart enough that being arrested for drunk driving isn’t a possibility.

“If you are going out and celebrating St. Patrick’s day that’s awesome, but what’s your plan to get home? is it Uber? is it a taxi? designated driver? those are things you have to think about before you walk out the door” said Bureau Chief Pat Hoye.

There is also a new option available this weekend called “Tow to Go” sponsored by AAA.

You can get a free ride and your car towed home for free. The program launched in Iowa during the Super Bowl and will be offered again over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Tow to Go can be reached by calling: 855 – 286 – 9246

The GTSB says that 28% of all fatal crashes in the state are the result of impaired driving.