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Eagle Grove Planning for Expected Growth in Enrollment

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EAGLE GROVE, Iowa- This Wright County community is getting ready for something that hasn’t happened in a while, population growth. A new pork processing plant is being built south of town. It could see around 1000 new employees.

“For years we’ve been planning on declining enrollment and now are planning on increasing enrollment ,” said Eagle Grove Supt. of Schools, Jess Toliver.

The school district has no information on how many kids they might be adding, but they are working with the number 200.

“Our elementary schools actually built on our model of three sections,” said Toliver. “Any growth that we’ll see, the first priority will be to expand at the elementary.”

That will be a small enough project, it can be done with sales tax revenue.

“We will probably use our statewide penny with that those funds it would allow us to do some additional work for elementary,” said Toliver. “There’s a lot of excitement around town as a community, we looking to add housing, we’re looking adding businesses, were just trying to figure out as a group with how do you handle all this new employment coming to the area and to serve their needs.

The new pork plant is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.

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