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Threatening Anti-Trump Graffiti Found in California

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SAN DIEGO COUNTY, California  --  A threatening graffiti message about President Trump has shocked residents in San Diego County, California.

The message reads, "Murder Trump ASAP."

Authorities do not know who wrote the message or how long it has been there, but some people living nearby were shocked, saying the graffiti's message went too far.

"I'm shocked. I don't want my kids to see something like that going to school, like, why do we want to murder the president?" said Jeremy Axelson.

"We have freedom of speech, but but you cant just say and do anything you'd like to do. There are still limits as far as that's concerned and this is definitely over the line," said Rex McNeil.

The person responsible could face federal charges for speech intended to incite a hate crime or criminal act.